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Our vision :::: Producing limitless self esteem personnel for corporate and Government Agencies and raising personnel possibilities and Boundless energies.


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BHL Consulting Co Ltd is a management Consultancy Firm Committed to delivering Strategic, solution and services to our clients dynamic and professionals who understand not only the Nigerian Commercial and buiness environment but also international buiness relations using back front end facts gathering.

Our Ultimate:

• Increase sustainable revenues in existing markets
• Deliver products and services efficiently.
• Give valuable investment advice
• Facilitate the training and retraining of staff and stakeholders

Business thrust

• To orovides total professional know how, and strategic alliances
• To empower our client to operate principles of stay focus while bringing financial Returns asa well as social returns.

Financial Advisory/ Business Valuation:

We facilitate due process review and design to highlight an independent true financial position of such organisation.
We have proven track records of due diligence in
• Information Technology
• Human resources
• Taxation
• Auditing

Performance enhancement/ Business Advisory:

We offer independent information on how to best structure business, through:
• Business strategic Review
• Business process Re-engineering

Human Capital Management
We provide professional advice on human talent, knowledge management of an organization’s employee, also providing workforce strategies qualification and certificate, recruiting and relation strategies.


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