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Our vision :::: Producing limitless self esteem personnel for corporate and Government Agencies and raising personnel possibilities and Boundless energies.


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We offer advice on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, alliance and review of capital structures. We also provide advice for our clients on initial public offering (IPO), on the appropriateness and practicability of market entry.

Business Strategy

We provide business and market strategy expertise to put in place business direction of any organization and also ensure that goals and objectives the organization are achieved.

Management Training Service:

BHL consulting provide variety of service to financial institution, multinationals and the public at large to enhance productivity and sound business operations.

Business Development:

Our business plan development process is based on years of wealth of experience to the specific needs, which our client may have, we develop and implement strategies to gain and sustain the advantage competition.

Credit Initiatives:

We provide advice on varieties of methods of credits

 Provide credit negotiation and mastering Presentation skills.

 Preparation of credit report

Raising funds for project development and project finance, which    could be internal or external.

Debt Recovery:

We provide the expertise in debts recovery, we have a professional know how on the past transaction with World Bank and NDIC on the liquidated Bank or financial institutions.

Especially liquidated banks from 1987-to date.

Small and medium scale enterprise (SME).

We provide business and financial service to our SME clients, which increase their ability to access debt and equity funding to survive and thrive in the highly competitive market.


We provide a professional financial audits team with aim to provide transparency accountability and equity in business operations.


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Corporate Finance

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