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Our vision :::: Producing limitless self esteem personnel for corporate and Government Agencies and raising personnel possibilities and Boundless energies.


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BHL Medical is a subsidiary of BHL Group of Companies. BHL Medical specialized on supplies of pharmaceutical products, Hospital equipment and consumable, Surgical and Laboratory materials.

BHL Medical comprises team of medical experts

BHL Medical is a reliable Organization with proven integrity.

BHL Medical is always ready to partner with any genuine Foreign Pharmaceutical Industry who wants to extend their service to Nigerian Market.

BHL Medical is also ready to represent any Foreign Investor in the areas of Pharmaceutical Industrialization in Nigeria.

BHL Medical can also act on behalf of any genuine foreign organization who wants a contact to register their products with National Agency For food And Administration and Control (NAFDAC).

BHL Medical Local Office is at 23 Road, Festac Town in Ona World, Lagos Nigeria

Tel: +234 (0) 702 828 2204, 802,3139689,802453 7392



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