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BHL Solar Energy Engineering Ltd  is a subsidiary of BHL Consulting co. Ltd.

Introduction: Solar Energy lighting is modem technology which has been proven internationally to be the most viable of all alternative source of energy. The source been from the ‘Sun’ which Nigeria has in abundance because of her location on the globe. This is harnessed with Solar panels.

• The panels collect the sun energy and store same in the special Solar Battery with the aid of solar charge regulator.

• Solar Charge Regulator senses absence of energy in the evening and automatically switches ON the light. In the morning, as the sun rises, the energy collected in the solar plate increase and in the same way, the regulator senses the rising voltage profile and switches OFF the light to resume energy storage control.

• Weather-proof pole at about 7 Metres high, the panels and the Batteries with option accessories.

Solar lighting is required in the most areas where steady lighting is needed at night. It is also a known factor that steady power supply is for now far from being achieved from the Nation’s power grid system. This sick sector has brought series of untold hardship on the citizenry.

The benefits of Solar Street light in human and poverty security promotion cannot be overemphasized as Solar Energy has proved to be the most viable alternative power source for now and for future.


(1) It is 99% reliable
(2) Requires little or no maintenance
(3) Throughout its life
(4) Major component- the solar panel has a life span estimated to 35 years.
(5) Withstands all kinds of weather or atmospheric conditions.
(6) Can be installed temper proof
(7) Self automated at long time operation
(8) Possibility of customizing the installation and accessories
(9) Availability of spare parts and accessories
(10) Continuous 12 hours lighting per day
(11) 5 day Battery back—up

Recommendation and Conclusion

BHL Consulting Co. Ltd strongly recommend individual and Government embracing Solar Energy in special ways as it is a proven source of alternative energy.

BHL Consulting Co. Ltd has the professional know-how to install, supply and build Solar Base Station.

BHL Consulting Co. Ltd also has the professional know-how to supply, install a Solar Water Borehole.

BHL Consulting Co. Ltd is ready to demonstrate the expertise and make available experiences on the following areas by our experiment for the student’s if given the opportunity.

While experiment will focus on both Junior and Senior Secondary Schools. The following will be demonstrated to the pupils:
Solar Trainer, COM box, Wind Trainer H2 Trainer, Energy Check, VisiKid, etc.

These are: Introductory Technology, Physics, and technology especially

Metal work
Wood work
Ceramic- which were make into practical

BHL Consulting Co. Ltd is willing and ready to partnership with any foreign firm on any Solar Products.

BHL has divisional offices all over the country.
Port Harcourt

Any further information, contact our Head Office at 37, Ahmed Onibudo Street, Victoria island Lagos or with telephone numbers on our Website.

Tel: +234(0) 803 433 2252, 809 449 9339, 808 239 4338.

Email: solar@bhl-consulting.com


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